Spring 2019 Training Mission Series

Submitted by Noel Harris

Hello everyone! 

We will be having a Game of Thrones themed Training Mission Series this Spring from April 12 - 14th 2019!

If you would like to join in please register here and mark yourself as going on the facebook event so you can keep up to date as the event nears!


Our mission schedule so far is as follow;

Friday April 12:

7pm - Inside the Marshall Student Center (MSC) - Registration and Information

10pm - Mission 1: MSC Outdoor Amphetheater


Saturday April 13th:

1pm - Mission 2: Student Services (SVC)

5pm - Mission 3: Chem Compound (CHE)

7:30pm - Official HvZ Beefs Trip

10pm - Mission 4: Varsity Tennis Courts (Forests/South of Greek Villages)


Sunday April 14:

3pm - Mission 5 / Finale! Muma College of Business (BSN)


Hope to see you there! 

- The Mod Team

What is Humans versus Zombies

Submitted by Leo

Humans versus Zombies at University of South Florida (USF HvZ) is a club that supports recreational and social activities for all individuals and groups. Throughout each semester, the club hosts multiple events that engage members in marketing, communication, and administrative skills. We are typically known for our largest event, the Big Game, which spans over 6 days. Humans versus Zombies is played all around the world where communities gather for a week of fun. During the day, humans must survive during their everyone routine without getting tagged by a zombie. At night, moderators of the game host missions where humans can gain perks and rewards to fight the zombie horde. To avoid death, humans may defend themselves with socks or dart blasters. Once tagged, a player is turned into a zombie who hunts and traps humans during the day. At night, their power grows, and they attempt to stop the humans from completing their mission. What side will you chose?


How to Get Involved

New members have multiple events and positions to get more involved with the club. Members can be involved with advertisement with the Representative Committee or be involved with prop creation with the Moderator Committee. With each involvement, members can run for an executive board position to handle higher administrative responsibilities. Below are a few descriptions of each committee.

  • Executive Board
    • Executive Board is an elected committee that oversees the organization and ensures the club functions well. This committee works closely with the Moderator Committee making sure all responsibilities are covered to host the Big Game. As well, the Executive Board collaborates with the University of South Florida’s administration to help promote the club and Big Game.
  • Moderator Committee
    • The Moderator Committee oversees the responsibilities of the club that the Executive Board is unable to address. These responsibilities include game promotion, prop creation, creating the Big Game, public relations, and smaller game events (e.g. training missions). Members interested in this committee apply and are personally trained. Through this process, members build skills to host professional events and skills for marketing, teamwork, leadership, administration, and critical thinking.
  • Representative Committee
    • The Representative Committee is a group of members who volunteer to assist the moderator committee in planning, executing, and advertising events. As well, the committee is in charge of philanthropy and community service of the club. Previously, the committee collaborated with Relay for Life and raised around $900. Members in this committee engage in the community wholesomely. This committee is recommended for members who are interested in becoming a moderator.


How to Register for the Big Game

To be a player at our events, create an account. Accounts are persistent. You don't have to make an account every game. Once you create an account, you must click the IDs tab at the top of the page. On that page you will see a button to Generate an ID and there is also an option to opt in as an Original Zombie for this game. Choose whether you would like to opt into OZ. Once submitted, there is no way to undo this opt in. IF YOU DO NOT GENERATE AN ID YOU ARE NOT CONSIDERED PLAYING THIS GAME!

How to Register a Zombie TAG

First, congratulations! Second, you will need the tagged human Kill ID. To register an Kill ID, you need two pieces of information. Both the human's ID as well as the human's username. This information is presented on the Kill ID card. You must enter both peices of information to register the tag. If you run into problems, please contact a moderator so we can troubleshoot.


If you have any questions or concerns please contact a moderator at moderators@usfhvz.org. 

These pages are constantly being worked on so if you find bugs, please post on the Facebook Page or message Danny.

last updated 07/27/2017