Welcome to USFHVZ.ORG 2.0!

Submitted by Danny

Welcome to our brand new site! It is still in the works, but our amazing developer worked very hard to push the necessary features out for this game. The site will be going through updates so please be patient with us as we work to make this amazing.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact a moderator at moderators@usfhvz.org. 

Now on to how to navigate the site:

ONCE YOU CREATE AN ACCOUNT YOU MUST CLICK THE IDs TAB AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE! On this screen you will see a button to Generate an ID and there is also an option to opt in as an Original Zombie for this game. Since accounts are persistent (you don't have to make an account every game), this is how you officially sign up. Choose whether you would like to opt into OZ carefully as there are no ways to undo this. Not without begging Brandon and he will not be happy with me. IF YOU DO NOT GENERATE AN ID YOU ARE NOT CONSIDERED PLAYING THIS GAME!

At the top of the page you will also see tabs to find information on the Game Rules, Perks, Game Map & Times and Achievements. These pages are constantly being worked on so if you find bugs, please post on the Facebook Page or message Danny.

ID cards for this game will work slightly differently. You are unable to see it as of now since everyone is a Human, but it will ask for two pieces of information. Both the Target's ID as well as the Target's Username. You must enter both of these as it is shown on the kill id. If you run into problems, please contact a moderator so we can troubleshoot. Unfortunately, if you had an account on HvZ Source and/or already attended a Town Hall Meeting you will need to register for this new site and obtain a new Kill ID from the Mod Desk. You do not have to attend another Town Hall Meeting if you have been this semester. Below are the upcoming Town Hall Meeting dates. Remember you must attend one to play.

  • 2/1 1pm-2pm MSC 3708
  • 2/4 6pm-7pm MSC 3708
  • 2/13 3pm-4pm MSC 3708
  • 2/16 7pm-8pm MSC 3704
  • 2/19 3pm-4pm MSC 3704
  • 2/23 1pm-2pm MSC 3708
  • 2/24 11am-12pm MSC 3708
  • 2/25 6pm-7pm MSC 3708
  • 2/27 2pm-3pm MSC 3704
  • 2/27 6:30pm-7:30pm MSC 3302b*
  • 2/28 3pm-4pm MSC 3708




*by the student offices

last updated 2/27/2017