Last In-Person Town Hall Meeting

Submitted by Noel Harris

Hello everyone!

We will be having our last in-person town hall meeting for the Fall 2018 game at 6pm tonight (Oct. 30th) in MSC 2707. Come join us and get your town hall completed to play!


Can't make that last meeting? No problem! We will be having impromptu town hall meetings at the desk and online town hall meetings tomorrow (Oct. 31st) until 5pm. 


Town Hall Meeting

Submitted by Kyle

Hi everyone!

We have two town hall meetings today! The first is at 1pm in MSC 2707 and the second is at 7:30pm in MSC 3705.

These are some of the last town hall meetings before the game starts, so you should come join us and get your Kill IDs today!

- The Mod Team

Moving To HVZ Source

Submitted by Kyle Machuca

Hello Players. Due to website errors we will be moving our game to HvzSource. Follow the link to join our game

Thank you for your cooperation.