What are Achievements

Returning for their 6th semester are Achievements, a unique part of USF HvZ. These are tracked by moderators and used for glory and bragging rights. Achievements are various tasks and accomplishments that usually involve a break from standard gameplay or do something extra or odd. Attempts at achievements must be recognized before a mod to be recorded. Achievements are broken down into General (achievements for all players), Human Only, and Zombie Only achievements. For their amazing feats, the player with the most achievements will be considered a LEGEND! Fun may be had by all, but achievements do nothing to change the course of the game. Feel free to ignore them if you wish, but if you want to do something fun in your down time, try some out!

General Achievements

  1. Hug-a-bull: Take a picture with Rocky the Bull
  2. Mother Goose: Take a picture within 5 feet of a live duck on campus and post it to the USF HvZ Community Page on Facebook
  3. Arms dealer: Return 100 ammunition to the mod desk (gathered outside of mission)
  4. The Engagement Clause: Take 5 pictures, "proposing" at bodies of water around campus
  5. Damsel in Distress - dress up as a princess for a mission
  6. The More You Know - buy "discount information" from the information shop

Human Achievements

  1. Balls of Steel - In front of a moderator, take a screenshot of your actual class schedule and post it to the USF HvZ Community page with the caption "come and get me"
  2. Takes 2? - dance the tango with a rose in your mouth while in play during a mission
  3. Tactical Advantage - Show up to misison location, armed with a turkey baster

Zombie Achievements

  1. Giving Spirit: Give a kill to another zombie (you forfeit this kill: a mod has to be present)
  2. It’s all fun and games until somebody gets killed - go to Armada Games in a group of 3 or more people and get them to show you their kill ID in order to kill them on the website - you can get their kill ID in one of 3 ways 
    • all participate in an Armada event 
    • all sit down and play a game from Armada's game library
    • 1 or more people make a purchase of 5$ or more
      • Important note, Armada, and the parking lot surrounding it is a safe zone at all times
      • The address for Armada Games is: 10910 N 56th St, Temple Terrace, FL 33617
  3. Look the Part - dress up as a zombie for a mission