Game Map and Times

Map Information

  • The zones marked in RED are NO PLAY ZONES! No gameplay WHATSOEVER is to take place in those areas.
  • The zones marked in PURPLE are SOCKS ONLY! Blasters and PVC blowguns are not allowed to be used in these areas AT ALL.
  • Residence Halls are sock only ZONES. Note this means thrown nerf darts in these areas do not stun.
  • The Parking Lots Marked in GREEN are the COMMUTER LOTS DESIGNATED FOR PLAY.
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Off Campus Safe Zones: -North Oaks Condo Complex -The Province Apartments, Armada Games

Off Campus No Play: -Publix on Fowler

Nerf Restrictions

Wednesday: Nerf is allowed from 10PM-12:00AM

Thursday : Nerf is allowed from 12:01AM-7:00AM and 10PM-12:00AM

Friday : Nerf is allowed from 12:01AM-7:00AM and 10:00PM-12:00AM

Saturday : All Day Nerf

Mission Times

Feb. 7 - 10 PM

Feb. 8 - 10PM

Feb. 9 - 7 PM and 10 PM

Feb. 10 - 1PM, 5PM, and 10PM